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By | October 4, 2007

“They knew that there is no point in asking the generals for freedom. They knew that they don’t have guns and can’t beat the army. All they wanted to do was show the world what their situation is and that they are prepared to die.”

These are brave words coming from a nation under oppression. A nation under great political distress, where the military regime is pulling out all stops to suppress a cry for freedom and democracy. Burma needs help, its common man needs help. And the help needs to be more than bureaucratic handshakes and discussion behind closed doors. Action needs to be taken by the international community to force the military regime(also referred to as junta) to step back, release all political prisoners and let people have a say in running of their country.

As a blogger, I do my bit by being a part of the One Post for Burma campaign.

Free Burma

Please visit by clicking on the link, or the image above and support the Burmese who are fighting for their freedom, without any guns, but with a lot of guts.

But when they hear that support for the demonstrations is dwindling and time passes by without help from anyone, they lose hope. They are getting disillusioned and eventually they’ll give up.

Please do not let these people lose hope. My request to the entire international community is to stand up, and act. Actions always speak louder than words.

But till we see any action, let us keep spreading the word. And show solidarity for the oppressed masses of Burma.

Free Burma!!

1. Image courtesy Free burma flickr pool
2. Quotes from BBC World : Account from a monastery

3 thoughts on “One blogpost for Burma!

  1. Amit

    I think its just a hue & cry made by MSM to leverage the current situation in Burma! There are lots of dictatorships & military tyrannies around the world, a number of them in Africa, lots of places in a civil war like situation, conflict zones, where more people are dying in a month than the number of people who died in the recent coup in Burma!! But no one, except people from those zones, raise a voice for them, why?

    When the indian Parliament was attacked by suicide bombers a couple of years back, I didn’t see any international MSM make a hue & cry on that, they acted as if its a cup of tea!!

  2. The Empty Head Post author

    amit: well, there may be a lot of such dictatorships in the world, and burma has been this way since 1992. However, the recent developments in Burma are shocking. What other word do you use to describe the brutal oppression of a peaceful buddhist monk community.

    Well, if no one else raises a voice, be the first to do so. And if such a voice is heard then add yours to it to make it louder. Its really that simple :)

  3. Amit

    What other word do you use to describe the brutal oppression of a peaceful buddhist monk community.

    What would you call China forceful oppression & occupation of Tibet which didn’t even have an army to defend itself? Don’t think I heard much voices against China, while what Dalai Lama is doing & where he’s travelling still makes major news on every media shop!!


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