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The anatomy of fear

Fear is a powerful emotion. It is an equally powerful weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to wield it. It is fear that is a decision maker on most of our ethical & moral choices. The fear of what our peers will think of us, the fear of what God might think… Read More »

BJP’s IT Vision for India – Vision impossible?

In the run up to the upcoming general elections, India’s leading opposition party, BJP, has announced its “IT Vision” for the country. Before reading ahead, I would want you to read the IT vision at BJP’s website. Now for the IT vision itself. I am not sure if I should call it myopic, or really… Read More »

Overhauling the Indian Democracy

The UPA government succeeded in winning the trust vote in Parliament, but June 22, 2008 would go down in the annals of Indian democratic & parliamentary histories as one of the saddest days. The reason: MPs flaunting crores of Rupees in cash that is claimed to be given to them as a bribe to stay… Read More »