CIBIL & credit ratings.. what you really need to know

The idea of a central credit information repository is rather new in India. In a banking system with billions of loans defaulted(i.e. not repaid by people who took the loan), there is a good argument to establish a way to do a centralized credit check on individuals/businesses before lending money to them. Out of this… Read More »

A road trip to the waterfall!

This is well over a year ago. Me & Abhi decided that we should take a road trip to Shivasamudra waterfall(this could’ve also been a result of nagging from both our spouses but yeah, whatever). There was something different about this road trip though. We had 2 extra passengers. One was Abhi’s little daughter, the… Read More »

Pestival season is here!

Yes, you read it right, pestival. A glorious duration of 3 months that has so many “reasons to celebrate” spread around that it gets the “pest” in people out. First, it is all those pests trying to sell stuff to you. You know, them ones in shopping malls and centres hawking “special sale only during… Read More »