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Pestival season is here!

Yes, you read it right, pestival. A glorious duration of 3 months that has so many “reasons to celebrate” spread around that it gets the “pest” in people out. First, it is all those pests trying to sell stuff to you. You know, them ones in shopping malls and centres hawking “special sale only during… Read More »

Wife over parents? Or parents over wife?

In a recent interview, the Indian cricket team captain mentioned how he rates his country & family over his wife. This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest attitude problems plaguing our country that goes unaddressed. Who do you prefer? Would you take your wife’s opinion over your parents’? As a corollary, if you… Read More »

North Korea vs Us

  How are we, the educated, democratized, open & liberal society different from the dictatorial hell that North Korea is? The often cited difference is freedom. To keep things simple, lets say freedom comprises of the following elements: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice & freedom of thought. Supposedly, in North Korea, you have… Read More »

We are weasel people, living in a weasel world

  The urban dictionary defines a weasel as a “shifty, scheming person that will do whatever they need to to escape whatever they fear in the moment”. There are sufficient examples of weasels, or weasel-like behaviour in today’s society. Corporate culture is overrun by weasels. Public space is overrun by weasels. Anyone who lives in a… Read More »

Terror strikes India…again!

2008 seems to be the year of the terrorist. After serial explosions in Lucknow & Jaipur that claimed over a 100 lives earlier this year, two more cities have faced the brunt of terrorist strikes. On Friday(25-July), 8 explosions rocked across Bangalore, the IT capital of India. The bombs were reported to be low intensity… Read More »