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Pestival season is here!

Yes, you read it right, pestival. A glorious duration of 3 months that has so many “reasons to celebrate” spread around that it gets the “pest” in people out. First, it is all those pests trying to sell stuff to you. You know, them ones in shopping malls and centres hawking “special sale only during… Read More »

Hug Me…Sanjay…..

And so it has happened. A government has proved that people very low down in the hierarchy are no better than bugs. Bugs who can be squished anytime, for as little reason as possible. “A constable who hugged Dutt, convicted under the Arms Act in 1993 Mumbai blasts case, has been suspended while the eight… Read More »

A blogger’s conundrum…..

In the world full of stuff to write upon, what does a blogger write? This is the conundrum that faces me tonight, and I intend on sharing it. First, let me put down a list of most obvious topics that most “celebrity” bloggers would write about(maybe some have already written about these): 1. 123 –… Read More »

60 years…

Its been 60 years today….of being a free country. On the 50th anniversary of Indian Independence, I heard a statement from an old man. He said, “Your generation does not understand the meaning of freedom, because you were born in a free country.” Just having entered into my teenage then, I simply ignored the statement,… Read More »