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Justice…or is it?

The last of the sentences in the ’91 Mumbai Bomb blast case are out, and with this the curtains are drawn on an investigation that has lasted for over 10 years. Today’s sentencing was the one probably most awaited. A sentence on which 100 crore Rs. were hanging in mid-air. And it did come, and… Read More »

I Tube, You Tube

The big buzz in the online world is that the daddy of video sharing, You Tube, is being sued by the mommy of network television, Viacom. Mummy dearest, it seems, is not happy about daddy allowing everyone to have a bite out of mummy’s delicious cooking. Ouch. So mummy drags daddy to court. And all… Read More »

4 degree celsius…

and still without a sweater, a jacket…or any kind of warm clothes. Yep..thats me. Its fun to feel the chilly wind hitting you flat on as you walk on the road…. Staying without any kind of warm clothing in Delhi’s chilly winter can be best described in one word..insane. And I have heard it so… Read More »

Happy New Year 007

Chinese mythology assigns an animal to each year as it begins, like the last year was the year of the dog(was it?). This time it’s gonna be different. Coz this is 007. The year of Bond, James Bond…. bring on another martini, will ya’ *hic* Welcome 2007….and my state of mind is the same as… Read More »