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An ode to justice

Justice it seems, has been sent off to exile. At least in the Indian state of Gujarat, where the current chief minister has thumped his chest at a pre-election rally justifying the police encounter of Sohrabuddin and his wife. Sohrabuddin was under suspicion for terrorist activities for a while before he was killed by the… Read More »

The analysis of a heartbreak, and more…

A recent post on my friend bhavna’s blog really set my mind into action(yes..i can hear the shouts of “its been a really long time since that last happened, duh). Jokes apart, I would first want you to read her thoughts. Having gone through similar situations in my life(yes, its situations and not situation)…I must… Read More »

4 degree celsius…

and still without a sweater, a jacket…or any kind of warm clothes. Yep..thats me. Its fun to feel the chilly wind hitting you flat on as you walk on the road…. Staying without any kind of warm clothing in Delhi’s chilly winter can be best described in one word..insane. And I have heard it so… Read More »