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God’s radio station – are you tuned in?

After a long time, I’ve read a very refreshing and soothing text. Here’s a small excerpt: “Tune into The God Force, you can begin with: Daily prayer, silent meditation, choosing love over fear at every junction of life and intentionally replacing negative thoughts with uplifting ones.” Read the entire article on Swagat’s Facebook Notes. Million… Read More »

The analysis of a heartbreak, and more… – Part II

This follows the previous post, and is mandated as a response to bhavna’s comment on it. So please read the previous post and its comments before reading further. First, I strongly believe that in the Indian society, marriage is definitely the only consequence of love. The other options of two people loving but not getting… Read More »

The analysis of a heartbreak, and more…

A recent post on my friend bhavna’s blog really set my mind into action(yes..i can hear the shouts of “its been a really long time since that last happened, duh). Jokes apart, I would first want you to read her thoughts. Having gone through similar situations in my life(yes, its situations and not situation)…I must… Read More »