A road trip to the waterfall!

By | November 4, 2014

This is well over a year ago. Me & Abhi decided that we should take a road trip to Shivasamudra waterfall(this could’ve also been a result of nagging from both our spouses but yeah, whatever). There was something different about this road trip though. We had 2 extra passengers. One was Abhi’s little daughter, the other was his dad. Bringing dads along on road trips introduces a slight conversation problem, in that we have to be extra careful plastering out our opinions. That too when I find it easy to use simple words to express my displeasures.

We started off early, after the obligatory little baby delays. We were taking my car for this one (slightly more spacious), so I was driving and normally I would have Abhi next to me navigating as required. Now, there’s an unwritten rule about car journeys with family when undertaken in India. The men will always sit out front, and if you are the eldest in the group, you get preference. This meant my navigator sitting in the backseat. Ok, we can deal with this. So I had uncle sitting next to me and Abhi giving directions from the back. Yeah, it was a bit awkward till we reached the highway and no directions were required. There was a lot of conversation on the way, and I don’t remember any of it today, what I do remember is that we had a good time on the way.

We reached the waterfalls around expected times, we roamed around the waterfall and took a lot of pictures. Uncle did have some trouble on the stairs, but that did not keep him from moving around with his grand-daughter on his shoulders almost all the time. He was enjoying himself. He liked the sandwiches we carried with us for lunch, and I have a sneaky feeling he even liked the sharp discussion we had on the drive back. At the end of the day though, we all had a great time.

A couple of weeks ago, Uncle left us all for his own road trips. A road trip in a dimension where we aren’t yet allowed. It breaks our hearts to see him leave, but it gives us solace to know that wherever he is now, he will make it an awesome place to be.

Goodbye uncle. We miss you!



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