Happy New Year 007

By | January 4, 2007

Chinese mythology assigns an animal to each year as it begins, like the last year was the year of the dog(was it?).

This time it’s gonna be different. Coz this is 007.

The year of Bond, James Bond….

bring on another martini, will ya’ *hic*

Welcome 2007….and my state of mind is the same as my martini…shaken..but not stirred!!

Happy New Year to all!!!

and on an unrelated note, my blog gets the following New Year’s gift from google/blogger.

Congratulations! Your move to the new Blogger is complete.

Happy blogging,
The Blogger Team

And for those scanning this post for New Years’ Resolutions, here they are:

1. Write more regularly(wait a minute, wasn’t this last year’s resolution!!!)
2. Go for more outdoor treks, post more pictures.
3. Be a good boy(he he, what’s wrong in wishing eh?)

$#!t…this new blogger’s smart…or I’ve had a martini too many…

*Hic*cy New Year to you…

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 007

  1. Alapana

    Hmmm, Now this one sure looks very good,and a happy new year and good luck for your new year resolutions, haan,but one thing,plz delete those dead blog links from blogroll and be active in blogging,go read some good blogs and comment and keep writing:)

  2. @$#!$#

    yes boss!! all dead links are out..and only active links are in now…

    and i have posted again so soon:-) think this resolution will last.


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