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French talk tough on Iran, but is this really the time?

The French don’t seem to be good at a lot of things. Making cars is one of them. Now France is a beautiful country, but that is almost where it ends. And now, France has another feather added to its infamous cap. France has now proven beyond doubt, that it is no good at international… Read More »

Have we stopped evolving?

Evolution is defined by Wikipedia as “the change in the inherited traits of a population from generation to generation.” So are we changing as we proceed from generation to generation? And are we changing for better, or for worse? I read this report on the CNN website about a sect that allows the practice of… Read More »

Democracy in Pakistan…a dream or a nightmare?

On a very eventful Monday for India’s neighbor Pakistan, its exiled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returned from London and after a lot of drama, was deported. Mr Sharif is back in Jeddah, and Mushy has some peace to himself. At least, he can get sleep tonight. Over the world, the media won’t. And it wouldn’t… Read More »