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[Image source]   When she was born, they wrapped her up in a little blue blanket. The blanket that was supposed to hold the baby boy they were expecting. Her grandparents just walked out in disgust, the father was angry and mother was disappointed. She never saw all those emails and facebook posts congratulating her parents… Read More »

Holy cow!

(Image source: daniel mcbane) A favourite topic in India’s primary schools is to write an essay on “Cow, our mother”(that translates much better in Hindi). Almost everyone who is a school passout has written this essay that goes along the lines of extolling the virtues of this animal. Apart from the obvious uses of milk,… Read More »

The voice

He stood at the platform with weary, sleepy eyes, waiting for the first train of the morning. At 4.30am, there was no one around. Then he heard it, that lovely, melodious voice coming through the speakers, announcing that his train would arrive in 5 minutes. The voice was his only companion, reassuring him that he… Read More »

Wearable computing in medicine

Computers are all over us! From hi-tech watches connected to smartphones to GPS connected chips in our shoes, wearable seems to be the next big thing in personal computing. The obvious direction for wearable computing would be towards health & well-being. Can a connected device monitor your vitals and get pro-active  diagnosis of the onset… Read More »