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Overhauling the Indian Democracy

The UPA government succeeded in winning the trust vote in Parliament, but June 22, 2008 would go down in the annals of Indian democratic & parliamentary histories as one of the saddest days. The reason: MPs flaunting crores of Rupees in cash that is claimed to be given to them as a bribe to stay… Read More »

A Nation of Hooligans!

“MNS Mob fury!!”, “Gujjar agitation in Rajasthan for ST Status”, “BJP workers force down shutters, block highways” These are just some of the headlines from our newspapers and news channels. Each headline representing some or the other political/social group holding a state or the nation at ransom to have their demands met. So are we… Read More »

Blogging & New Media Workshop, India Habitat Centre(28-30 June ’08)

The Indian Blog & New Media Society ( is pleased to invite you to a 3-day Blogging workshop at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi later this month. Following up on last month’s BlogCamp, this is another effort by IBNMS to enable blogging enthusiasts – both rookie and experienced – leverage this medium for… Read More »

Copy-Ads – Frito Lay goes the Bud way!!!

The Indian ad space seems to have lost its originality. With one after another, ads copied blatantly from global advertising campaings. The Indian advertising firms, who had campaigns like the Amul Butter ads, the Fevicol ad series seem to have lost their original touch. First it was the IPL ad that had an uncanny resemblance… Read More »

YouTube – Now in India

A few years back, YouTube took the online world by storm by offering a unique video sharing service that was previously unheard of. It did not take very long for YouTube to become a culture in itself, much like the social networking sites that mushroomed all around it. And yet the novelty of watching videos… Read More »