Welcome to the Empty Head

By | September 9, 2007


Emptiness is good. Emptiness signifies a new beginning, and a mind open to new thoughts and ideas.

An all accepting head.

But an empty head, as they say, is the home of the devil. And that is mainly what I intend it to be.

So welcome to the empty head. Welcome to the head that plays host to the devil.

Do keep visiting this space for more.

Credits: Empty head thanks Amit(www.amitgupta.in) for everything.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Empty Head

  1. Pooja

    Good luck for all the chemical..logical..irrational..reactions abt to happen in this so called empty.. mind

  2. K****ij

    Ah!! The User Experience Expert!!

    Correct this 4 me….Empty Head..or AirHead?

  3. Amit

    damn, last comment got ruined!

    what I said was:

    naye ghar ki badhai, ab zaraa yahan phool aur dhoop-batti wagairah lagao aur laddoo khilaao!! 🙂

  4. uma

    They say, you need space to move and grow. So this empty head is a good space to let your imagination grow.more space , more the scope for your imagination to grow.u better keep that head empty;-) so that u can ramble more.

  5. The Empty Head Post author

    amit: sir kabhi bhi gurgaon aa jao…ekdum mast ladoo khilate hai aapko 😉

    uma: thank u 🙂 do keep visiting this space for more.

  6. Amit

    sir kabhi bhi gurgaon aa jao…ekdum mast ladoo khilate hai aapko

    मियां, अभी पिछले दिनों में कितनी बार आ लिए गुड़गाँव, तुमने लड्डू खिलाना तो छोड़ो, दिखाए भी नहीं!! 😉 :p


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