Another year coming up!

By | January 1, 2008

The year of Bond is done. 2007 was good, 2007 was great. A year that took me to the other hemisphere, and brought me in close contact with the nation I always wanted to experience first hand. Met a lot of good people, made a lot of friends, and had a lot of fun.

I welcome 2008 with an open mind and heart. It is unfair to have a lot of expectations from a year that has just started. Even so, I would hope that I keep doing the best that I can, and let life treat me as fairly as it can.

A very happy New Year to you too!! May all your dreams come true, may your heart’s desires be fulfilled, and may your life be filled with love and happiness. My request to all is to spread love, not hatred this year. Love and forgiveness are the most powerful weapons designed, let us use them to spread joy and peace in the world.

God Bless!

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