Beware: 419 scams are back!!

By | January 18, 2008

In the last 24 hrs, I seem to grow rich suddenly. One of my relatives in Africa died, leaving me an estate worth 15.5 million euro, & I won two Australian lotteries each worth 400,000 US dollars. Am I lucky or what?

Before the congratulations start to pour in, let me tell you that all three of these are all internet scams. And there seems to be a sudden spurt in these e-mails in the last two days. Commonly known as 419 scams, these scamsters have a simple modus operandi that involves the following steps:

1. Send an email to unsuspecting people, informing them that they have won millions of dollars (or suddenly inherited them). Ask them to contact back.
2. Once the victim responds, he/she is convinced all the more by giving fake account numbers, company names etc. The net is cast now.
3. At this time, the email sender asks the victim to deposit a big sum of money as “processing fees” in some bank account. Once the deposit is made, the email sender vanishes with the money, usually without a trace.

Beware of such fraudulent emails. There are some excellent sites below that offer more details on these email scams, & how to protect yourself against them. Do look at them, knowledge is the best defense.

1. 419 Eater
2. Listing on
3. How to avoid internet scams

4 thoughts on “Beware: 419 scams are back!!

  1. Tejal

    Hi there!

    Yes, one does get a lot of that ” help me and get rich” spam, don’t they?
    I grit my teeth against such temptation and dump them. 😉
    Hope you’re well.

  2. Tejal

    quite well, thank you. 🙂
    did you see the pictures? Have you spoken to Vaidehi or Amrithaa as yet? I met Vaidehi when I was in Ahm for a day.

  3. The Empty Head Post author

    ya i saw the pics…amrithaa had sent the link by IM…have u seen them? i;ll mail u the link to the pics if u need it.

    havent spoken to vaidehi tho…had a chat with amrithaa a few days back


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