MISSING: Raj Thackeray

By | November 28, 2008

Raj Thackerey, Chief of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has been reported as missing by the citizens of Mumbai for the last 3 days. Here is a description:

Raj Thackeray is the founder and president of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (Maharashtra Renaissance Party), which is a regional party in the state of Maharashtra in India. He is especially known for his constant tirade against North Indians residing in Maharashtra. He has led several “violent” movements to ensure Mumbai is freed from North Indians. He is about 5ft5 in height and wears glasses.

It has been three days since Mumbai has been under siege from terrorists. Mumbai has yet to hear anything from this self-proclaimed saviour of the city and the caretaker of the “Marathi Manoos”. The usually vocal leader is in hiding when he should be out on the streets, when he should be asking the MNS cadres to line up outside hospitals and donate blood. People who can go out and break people’s bones at his speeches can surely donate blood and help if he asks them to.

And yet, Raj is missing.

Help Mumbai today to find Raj Thackeray. He is missing when his city needs him most!!

9 thoughts on “MISSING: Raj Thackeray

  1. Rahul

    Even in this moment of tragedy all you can think of is Raj Thackeray.

    Today he was attending the funeral of Encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and Kamthe. Of course, no Hindi news channel had the decency to highlight this event, they will only cover the passing of some North Indian martyrs !!

    Can’t help it , its an century old problem – people like Mangal Pandey were super heroes while Tatya Tope and Bajirao were just footnotes in History.

    Wait for a week or two, Jaya Bacchan will give a statement in Rajya Sabha, how this tragedy would have been averted if Mumbai had been separated from Maharashtra and would have been a separate state.

  2. Mns

    This is not the time for unnecessary debate.
    But people are asking what Raj is doing.Frankly M.N.S supporters are wise enough to take initiative on their own.

    People watching T.V. must have seen M.N.S Ambulance ferrying injured persons.
    In Pune M.N.S stated blood donation activity at 2 oclock in morning(27nov) and got good response.
    In Pune city 382,Pimpri Chinchwad 75 and in rural Pune 100 people donated blood in M.N.S camp by 5.30 in morning(REF.SAKAL 28NOV).
    If more blood is needed it will be collected.

    M.N.S had arranged blood donation camp through out Maharashtra.

    This is list of marathi mannos died in fight with terrorist

    1- Hemant Karkare (ATS Chief)
    2- Ashok Kamthe ((Add.Comiss)
    3- Vijay Salaskar (Sr.P.I.)
    4- Shashank Shinde (P.I.)
    5- Tukaram Hombal (A.S.I.)
    6- Nanasaheb Bhosle (A.S.I.)
    7- Baburao Bodvaje (P.S.I.)
    8- A.R.Chitte (P.S.I)
    9- M.C.Chaudhari (Rail Police)
    10- Jaywant Patil (Police Shipaee)
    11- Ambadas Pawar (Police Shipaee)
    12- Vijay Khandekar (Police Shipaee)
    13- Yogesh Patil (Police Shipaee)
    14- Prakash More(Mulund).

    the comment against Raj saheb is only made by some anti- marathi politician . the people from maharashtra know what raj did for mumbai.

  3. indian

    Well said..
    Raj Thackrey and his MNS army is nowhere to be seen or even heard of.
    If things were upto his ways, soldiers of only Maharashtra origin should be involved in the bombay siege.
    Lets see him how he and his MNS wimps can storm into the hotels!!
    Why should a south indian or noth indian die for cause of bombay? Its a shame that thousands still worship a peson like him who discriminates people on the basis of region of the same nation.
    If you want to curb terrorism from root level, eliminate raj thackrey first.

  4. rajeev

    Raj Thackeray’s Reaction to Mumbai Terrorist Crisis
    1. Raj Thackeray has threatened to beat up the NSG, Army and Navy commando’s if they enter mumbai again because most of them are non maharati Manoos
    2. He also has threatened voilence if the Sign Boards of NSG, Army and Navy are not written in Marathi.
    3. He also expressed his anger towards the non marathi media for giving so much attention to NSG, Army and Navy commando’s. Where was the media when my Marathi Manoos gang was beating up innocent taxi drivers in mumbai ??
    4. He has also threatened the residents of colaba for chanting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” after the successful completion of NSG operations. According to him they should have chanted “Jai Maharastra”
    5. He said that he has no problems with terrorists so long as they adapt to the Marathi culture and help him beat up innocent non marathis in Mumbai. In fact he welcomes terrorist action in hotels because it will deter outsiders from coming to mumbai.

  5. Prabodh

    😯 — Don’t Worry , He will be back …to kill Indians….he does not believe in killing terrorist after one brother cannot kill the other…. 💡

  6. The Empty Head Post author

    rahul: your comment reeks of hatred towards north indians as a community. please do not forget that you too are an indian. and if you think tatya tope and bajirao are footnotes,then you need to read your history again!

    Mns: what about publishing a list of NSG commandos who died?it still is about marathi manoos isn’t it?and mayb mns was doing its bit, but what about its leader who comes out against north indians when he gets a chance?uncomfortable questions I guess…

    indian,rajeev,abid,prabodh: 🙂 unity is the need of the hour. We need to believe in our nation.


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