Summer Vacation

By | May 25, 2009

Honouring the tradition of good old school days, will be enjoying a few months of summer vacation. Summer vacation is a time to sit back, chill out and enjoy. No work, only play.

Irregular updates to this site will resume once the summer vacation is over. Till then, sit back and enjoy the glass of jaljeera(I heard it is the latest trend on twitter).

A few random thoughts before I head back to the vacation-
1. Now that we have a stable government for 5 years, hope that it shows some teeth to countries like US who think they can do business in Asia by alienating India. Also, a lesson or two in the benefits of outsourcing would be a welcome gestures.
2. Please please please reduce the tax burden on middle class. Tax those rich jackasses who roam around in their Mercs, BMWs and put them as “business expenses”.
3. Boycott websites that take your personal information and then change the rules to retain it forever. It is my information, my content, you don’t have any right to it, so piss off!
4. Watch Charlie Wilson’s War. Just to see the greatest success turn into the greatest mistake.
5. And finally, be cool, stay cool and enjoy the summers.

One thought on “Summer Vacation

  1. amit

    What was the last time you wrote here? March 30, 2009, eh! So you been on vacation for 2 months already! 😛


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