IPL versus Pakistan

By | January 23, 2010

It so happens that our dearest neighbor, the apple of our eyes and the sore spot on our bum, Pakistan is taking major issue with the treatment meted out to its nationals in India. No, they weren’t put in front of armed terrorists and shot. No, they weren’t tortured and made to accept being spies of India and later convicted to be hanged. This “treatment” is the IPL franchisees(read teams) ignoring Pakistani players in the recent auction, opting to spend their ridiculous $$ on lesser known players.

This event has the entire Pakistan nation up in arms against India. From complaining to ICC and burning effigies of Lalit Modi and planning to ban Indian TV channels, no means of expressing anger has been spared. Even the instances of terrorists fighting Indian security forces has gone up since IPL teams rejected Pakistani players.

Is it unsporting to put these players for auction and then teams not picking them up? The answer to this question lies in understanding of the phenomenon called IPL. IPL has nothing to do with cricket, passion or anything else. IPL is a money machine, an ATM with infinite supply of $$ , the proverbial money plant that will never run out of money. For an understanding of how much money can actually be pumped into this league, look at the owners: India’s biggest superstars, India’s richest family, some of the biggest builders and construction magnates, even the IPL commissioner is a big industrialist himself. Pakistan’s whining has nothing to do with politics. It is whining about being left out of the money hoopla.

But is it unsporting? Of course it isn’t. This is actually the biggest political hit India has scored against Pakistan ever. Pakistan is like a baby, a baby that wants all toys and will cry and cry and cry if it isn’t heard. The proof lies in its crying to the US all the time, asking for fancy weapons to “fight against terror” and then using them against India. By denying their players a spot to play in IPL, India has unwittingly hit Pakistan where it hurts.

Adding some perspective, sport has done nothing in the last 60 years. Pakistan is still home to the elite terrorists in the world, and time and again proves itself to be the best host to those terrorists. It is a nation that does not deserve an olive branch, but an olive tree shoved up its ass. This olive tree, that our politicians could not deliver in the last 60 years, IPL has delivered in one shot.

And now Pakistan is outraged. Outraged as it should have been when its terrorists killed hundreds in Mumbai on 26/11, outraged over the thousands its terrorists have murdered in India. If the blood of countless Indians evokes no outrage from this nation, then I do not give a flying fuck to their outrage on being ignored by IPL.

Neither should you.

One thought on “IPL versus Pakistan

  1. amit

    Well, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck at their outrage otherwise as well, its absolutely totally absurd! IPL is Indian Premier League, a domestic series of India played between Indian clubs. Its not a Pakistani league nor is it an international event. Which players a club hires is definitely no business of Pakistan or any other government – its that particular club’s own business. Its their money & so its their decision whom they contract to play for them!

    As for Pakistan banning Indian TV channels & movies, well, who gives a shit, eh! When they were banned till a few years back, the people there still watched bollywood movies (via pirated disks) & loss of whatever pitiful revenue from Pakistan didn’t put any dent in pockets of movie makers here.

    I think its time Pakistan government officials realize that Pakistan is not US of A, making such threats against a more powerful economy like India makes no difference.

    Definitely a WTF issue!!


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