By | April 16, 2010

In mathematics, Delta is an metaphor for change. Change that is inevitable, change that will happen and shake things up, change that will reveal greater challenges, newer opportunities and wider horizons. The equation of life is not much fun without a delta.

Life has a funny way of putting you in a blender every now and then. Sometimes, the outcome is a tasty concoction, other time it is just too messy. After a really extended period of time, I have received a particularly delectable mix from the blender of my life. And it will be nothing but foolish of me to put this mix into a wastebasket.

Thus, delta. The delta that will be rummaging through the cupboard of my life in the next few days, trying to end up creating order out of chaos, throwing old out and bringing in new and shiny. And I go with the flow, accepting the mishmash that life is hurling towards me, taking me on a trip through space and time.

The outcome of this journey, I do not know. But many wise men have said that it is the journey that you should enjoy, not the destination. I fully intend to take their advise and make lemonade from all those lemons life is going to throw at me.

(…to be continued)

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  1. any

    The intention is to not just make lemonade, but use those lemons for some tequila that enters your life from time to time. 😉


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