By | December 9, 2013

As I sit in a fancy salon, having my head rubbed up, this word makes its way in my head. Metro-sexual. I remember the first time I heard men getting manicured, pedicured or going to fancy spas to do “whatever they do there”, I thought, which man in his right mind would get all these “womanly” things done to himself. Isn’t being a man all about ruggedness, dirt between nails, sweat patches on the shirt and the like? I know all this sounds like an 80s cliche, but what changed.

It was the job. The job that was once good, hard, physical labour is now playing nanny to the computer. The job that was once working in a field, our toiling in a factory is now sitting in an air conditioned office without breaking a sweat(until your boss decides otherwise). Mike Lowe, of dirty jobs fame, says that jobs with physical labour have lost their charm. I think he has it perfectly nailed down. Think of the last time you were faced with a problem that required some manual labour? What was the first thought in your head, was it “can I get someone else to do it?” How much did you procrastinate and regurgitate the idea before you went ahead with half a heart. Yeah, that’s where we, as a civilization, may be going wrong.

Enough blabber, my foot massage awaits…

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