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The Empty Head is now "ThumpIn"

If you have been visiting this site, you must have read the ad reviews that I keep writing from time to time. Last week, Thump asked me to post some of these reviews up for them. My first ad review is now up on thump. I review the Volkswagen Jetta ad doing the rounds these… Read More »

Ad Review 2 – HCL (Technology that touches lives)

In the second ad review, I take a look at the HCL ad that has been on air for a while. HCL technologies is a software outsourcing company in the vast Indian IT space. Take a look at the ad first, before proceeding to read the review. Now this ad portrays software professionals in very… Read More »

Ad review – 1: The maggi mania

The first ad to be reviewed in this review series is of a product that has been around for many years, and is a very popular snack. I am talking about Maggi, a brand that faced a virtual wipe-out from the Indian market till a few years ago when it reinvented and re-positioned itself to… Read More »