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Deja vu!

  Six years ago, I visited Gujarat for the first time. I documented that trip in a 3 post series back then. Little did I realize the lasting impact this trip will have on my life. The law of unintended consequences groups into three types, good consequences, bad consequences or ugly consequences. This trip brought the first… Read More »

A trip to Gujarat – Part III (Lessons learnt from a Gujarati family)

Sitting on the floor on Nik’s home with his family a day before his wedding, I wonder what is it that actually keeps such a big family together. The one immediate clarification I need to make here is that Nik’s family is not a joint family, where all members are staying in the same large… Read More »

A trip to Gujarat – Part II (My best friend’s wedding)

Continued from Part I 26-Jan-2008: The air-conditioned bus had a gamble involved. I had the option of going for a semi-sleeper or a full sleeper berth. Knowing that I am not very comfortable in buses, I decided on the semi-sleeper option. Now luck played its game with me.

A trip to Gujarat – Part I (An evening in Ahmedabad)

The land of Gandhi and Modi beckoned me in late January, for the wedding of my closest college friend Nik. I was looking forward to this trip, one because it had been over four years since we had met, and second coz I wanted to see a Gujarati family function up close and personal. This… Read More »