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Feminism, misogyny & perception

It is not surprising that a 90 second ad can cause enough furore to be reported on mainstream news(at least on their website). But it did. Why? Lets see the ad first: To quickly summarize, woman gives man tough deadline at work, then heads home and gets cooking. Man’s wife calls him later asking him… Read More »

The Ten Commandments for bloggers

As evangelical as this sounds, it is true. The Evangelical Alliance in London has come up with ten commandments that should be followed by faithful (read Christian) bloggers. The Evangelical Alliance is an umbrella group founded in 1846 that represents thousands of churches of most denominations in the United Kingdom. So here are the “Ten… Read More »

Two historical weekends

The last two weekends have both taken me to historical sites, one in Delhi and the other in Jaipur. Now India is a very rich culture, and the amount of history on display here is staggering. Every town, every city has one or the other monument. When I was in school, I thought my home… Read More »