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State of the Indian software industry

    I write code for a living. I have been writing code for the last 10 years to earn my bread, butter and cheese. In these 10 years, the software industry in India has come a really long way. When we were passing out as comp sci engineers, we weren’t the first, no, there… Read More »

Frustration in software engineers – A Study (Part II)

In the first part of this study(Read Part I), the focus was on compensation and performance review practices that lead to frustration in employees. In this part, I will take a look at peer & colleague factors, attention paid to an employee and work assigned to analyze the effects these factors can have on employee… Read More »

Frustration in software engineers – A Study (Part I)

A job of as a software engineer is one of the most sought after jobs in India today. A major number of engineering college graduates are sucked into software companies, where they are offered high pay packages and various bonuses and incentives. Yet, most of India’s software engineer community is frustrated today. This post attempts… Read More »