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New experiences

Being out of your comfort zone is difficult. The inherent inertia attached with being comfortable becomes an enemy to change. Change is essential, almost like oxygen. For the lack of new experience makes a very dull life. And sometimes, you need to throw yourself in the deep end. Whether you sink or swim, one thing… Read More »

Yet another year draws to a close

2013 is over(well, almost). This was one of the better years I’ve seen yet. Some very important life milestones were reached, and the year left me with a new goal in life. Of course, I’ve taken the biggest risk of my life yet, still there is some promise. I have clear goals for 2014, and… Read More »

To the two very special friends life just made me walk away from…

I write this as the train chugs along, taking me farther away from you each passing moment. 10 years ago when this happened for the first time, I didn’t know if I would ever get to meet you again. Yet, I did. Life works in funny ways. Call it God, providence or just dumb luck,… Read More »