Deja vu!

  Six years ago, I visited Gujarat for the first time. I documented that trip in a 3 post series back then. Little did I realize the lasting impact this trip will have on my life. The law of unintended consequences groups into three types, good consequences, bad consequences or ugly consequences. This trip brought the first… Read More »


[Image source]   When she was born, they wrapped her up in a little blue blanket. The blanket that was supposed to hold the baby boy they were expecting. Her grandparents just walked out in disgust, the father was angry and mother was disappointed. She never saw all those emails and facebook posts congratulating her parents… Read More »

It is a problem of one person

This is the response of a “public servant” when questioned about the inconvenience suffered by a differently abled person who struggles to commute between his work & home(source). Imagine waking up every morning with a prayer that you find a kind, helpful soul who gives you a hand to board the train, and another one… Read More »

Holy cow!

(Image source: daniel mcbane) A favourite topic in India’s primary schools is to write an essay on “Cow, our mother”(that translates much better in Hindi). Almost everyone who is a school passout has written this essay that goes along the lines of extolling the virtues of this animal. Apart from the obvious uses of milk,… Read More »

Moving to Australia – Part 2: The process

This is the second post in Moving to Australia series. Read Part 1 here. As I said in part 1, understanding the visa process is very important. There are many visa consultants who can help you out for a fee. At this point, it is essential to understand that the visa consultant’s primary interest is… Read More »