Feminism, misogyny & perception

It is not surprising that a 90 second ad can cause enough furore to be reported on mainstream news(at least on their website). But it did. Why? Lets see the ad first: To quickly summarize, woman gives man tough deadline at work, then heads home and gets cooking. Man’s wife calls him later asking him […]

North Korea vs Us

  How are we, the educated, democratized, open & liberal society different from the dictatorial hell that North Korea is? The often cited difference is freedom. To keep things simple, lets say freedom comprises of the following elements: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice & freedom of thought. Supposedly, in North Korea, you have […]

We are weasel people, living in a weasel world

  The urban dictionary defines a weasel as a “shifty, scheming person that will do whatever they need to to escape whatever they fear in the moment”. There are sufficient examples of weasels, or weasel-like behaviour in today’s society. Corporate culture is overrun by weasels. Public space is overrun by weasels. Anyone who lives in a […]

Potato Peas Mash – Indian Style

(also known as Aloo Mutter ki Sukhi Subzi)   Aloo mutter(dry) is a very common veggie dish from India. It is the star of the staple aloo-puri breakfast served across most of north & central India. When I was in college, this was my preferred dish to carry on the long train journey to/from home. […]

Employee surveys – Are they any good?

  Lets say you are an employer and want a gauge of how your employees feel about their workplace? Your first thought would be to ask the employee directly, but that won’t work, simply because all employees will give a good feedback when asked directly. I mean, who wants to invite the wrath of their […]