A road trip to the waterfall!

This is well over a year ago. Me & Abhi decided that we should take a road trip to Shivasamudra waterfall(this could’ve also been a result of nagging from both our spouses but yeah, whatever). There was something different about this road trip though. We had 2 extra passengers. One was Abhi’s little daughter, the… Read More »

Pestival season is here!

Yes, you read it right, pestival. A glorious duration of 3 months that has so many “reasons to celebrate” spread around that it gets the “pest” in people out. First, it is all those pests trying to sell stuff to you. You know, them ones in shopping malls and centres hawking “special sale only during… Read More »

October the 2nd

2nd October is Gandhi Jayanti, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. It is also one of the three mandatory holidays in India, and one that is a “dry day”. In India, dry day means that no liquor can be sold at all, retail, wholesale or whatever. Unfortunately, this is the one characteristic that has come to… Read More »

The anatomy of fear

Fear is a powerful emotion. It is an equally powerful weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to wield it. It is fear that is a decision maker on most of our ethical & moral choices. The fear of what our peers will think of us, the fear of what God might think… Read More »

Wife over parents? Or parents over wife?

In a recent interview, the Indian cricket team captain mentioned how he rates his country & family over his wife. This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest attitude problems plaguing our country that goes unaddressed. Who do you prefer? Would you take your wife’s opinion over your parents’? As a corollary, if you… Read More »