Wife over parents? Or parents over wife?

In a recent interview, the Indian cricket team captain mentioned how he rates his country & family over his wife. This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest attitude problems plaguing our country that goes unaddressed. Who do you prefer? Would you take your wife’s opinion over your parents’? As a corollary, if you… Read More »

Paneer ek-pyaza

  This is a very simple paneer dish that requires minimal ingredients and tastes quite nice. In fact, this humble dish is always on top of my wife’s wishlist. So here it is, my very own paneer ek-pyaza (paneer with one onion). Ingredients Vegetables Paneer(cottage cheese) – 250 gms. Onion – 1 medium sized Green… Read More »

The porter

He was a porter on the trains. For twenty years, his job was to carry people’s luggage to the trains, make sure it stays on the train and get it back to them. It was like having your own butler on the move. It was a difficult job, sure, but it was a job. It… Read More »

Mutter Paneer

  Mutter(or Matar) Paneer is a dish with green peas and cottage cheese as its primary ingredients. There are several variants of this dish, today I will share my recipe for the simpler variant with no frills. Ingredients Vegetables: Green peas(baby peas work equally well) – 250gms Cottage cheese – 250 gms Tomatoes – 2 medium… Read More »