Turning the capital into a “safe-zone”

By | January 6, 2008

New Delhi is now going to be a super secure city. And we owe this to the visionaries who, in the name of law and order, are passing order after order that will make life impossible for the common man.

First, it was made mandatory to carry an ID card in Delhi. And now, people who do not have a driving license made in Delhi will not be allowed to drive on the city’s roads. What’s next, people whose passports are made in other states will not be allowed to board planes from Delhi’s airports???

Instead of making laws that make it easier for cops to harass the common man, why doesn’t the Lt. General make laws that make the corrupt police more accountable to the taxpayer? But naah, it is the voice that is the weakest that always gets crushed.

Who will guard the guards, sir? Who will?

I live in Gurgaon. Thanks to you, sir, I will not be able to visit Chandni Chowk for a kulfi, India Gate for the lazy afternoons, or CP for the shopping binge. But you can gloat, of course. You think you decisions will make Delhi a safer place. No one else in the whole city knows how. Maybe you should share this with the public who are on the receiving end of your “New Year presents”!

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