Da Delhi Blog Meet..its hot…its happening

By | January 10, 2008

Are you in Delhi on January 12? If yes, then you must come over for the Delhi Blog Meet being organized to get Delhi’s Blogging community together & thinking.

Ye you heard me right, thinking!! This is more than just another blog meet, it is a step forward towards making bloggers & online media practitioners more relevant to the community, and more responsible towards the society. Our intent is to convert a community from just another online group, to a community that has its presence in the society, that works together towards betterment of the society as a group & where each member gets the satisfaction of doing something in real life.

Not only bloggers, but vloggers(YouTube/etc users), photographers (Flickr/Picasa/etc users), twitters, facebookers….any & every online media user in cordially invited.

And if you do not use any of the online media, you are also invited. This could be a great opportunity to learn from those who already know, and to get a headstart in the online world.

All of this is free. I promise. No hidden costs, no fine prints. Just come over & we’ll all have a great afternoon of learning & idea transfer.

Hope to see you on 12 January!!


Register at: http://wiki.delhibloggers.in/delhi-bloggers-meets
Online group : http://groups.google.com/group/thedelhibloggers/

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