Missing in action

By | September 4, 2008

Its been quite some time since I’ve published a post. Not for the dearth of topics, there is the sectarian violence in Orissa, the senseless stand-off in J&K, the mindless protest against the nano in West Bengal etcetera etcetera.

I haven’t written a thing because there’s too many things that are happening at the same time in my life. There’s too much hectic activity in my professional life, and I hardly get time to sit and form a post properly in my head.

A few more days, then I will respond to the tag so graciously given by Miss Feline Musings, and also churn out a couple of ad reviews. But till then, don’t forget the empty head 😉

2 thoughts on “Missing in action

  1. Amit

    Ah damn, Ansy already has tagged you. I was thinking of doing it. But still, many victims still left around to be tagged, eh! 😉

  2. Abhi/Desparado

    hi! I hd attended the delhi bloggers meet organised by indibloggers yesterday…great to hv discovered ur blog there…

    I hope u do come out of your writer’s block soon:)

    P.S. hey I’m also a CAlvin fan:)infact my pals call me CAlvy!


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