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Missing in action

Its been quite some time since I’ve published a post. Not for the dearth of topics, there is the sectarian violence in Orissa, the senseless stand-off in J&K, the mindless protest against the nano in West Bengal etcetera etcetera. I haven’t written a thing because there’s too many things that are happening at the same… Read More »

The Hunt for Red October

In my case, the Red October is not a nuke powered sub. I am searching for a JD761 series laptop battery to power my Dell Inspiron battery. I had purchased my laptop when I was in the US last year, and one year later its battery died. Now I am faced with the near impossible… Read More »

Water water everywhere…

I was reminded of this Samuel Taylor Coleridge classic today morning, quite rudely I must say, by my housekeeper. Intentional or not, she ended up emptying almost a litre of water on my bed. I found this out almost half an hour after she left, when I was about to plant my rear on the… Read More »