The Hunt for Red October

By | May 4, 2008

In my case, the Red October is not a nuke powered sub. I am searching for a JD761 series laptop battery to power my Dell Inspiron battery.

I had purchased my laptop when I was in the US last year, and one year later its battery died. Now I am faced with the near impossible task of locating a battery for my laptop. Dell’s India site sells laptops, but I guess they are not really interesting in supplying battery replacements for their laptops. The original 6-cell battery is crappy anyways, to top it now, I cannot find a replacement.

Though I am in contact with some computer dealers in Nehru Place to see if I can get a battery via them. I am still waiting for them to get back to me, but till then, my laptop is pretty much dead. With the amount of powercuts happening in India’s own New York (gurgaon) and the lack of power backup at my place, it gets dangerous to run a laptop without a battery.

As of now, I am waiting. If I get no response in the next few days, I may have to bite the bullet and spend 185$ for a Dell branded battery from the US.

If you know a place to buy Dell Inspiron batteries in India, or have got one yourself, please share the info.

2 thoughts on “The Hunt for Red October

  1. Ashwani Kaura

    I also had the same problem for my Inspiron 6000 laptop, explored many options , but one day i just visited Nehru place and got the battery . it better you go over there.


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