A google-over for Orkut

By | October 29, 2009

Just when we all thought that all of Google’s grey matter was busy wave-ing, they appear to be cooking up another dish. The old (and for some the original) warhorse of social networking,  Orkut, is being pulled up for a major overhaul. So if you were planning on ditching that Orkut account, just hold on to it for some more time.

Having seen the visual delights that Google can bestow upon us internet minions, this revamp should be something to look out. Though in true Google tradition, this revamp will be “invite only” for some while before the Google overlords decide to push it out to the general populace.

Will this be another one of Google’s awesomeness? Only time will tell. Till then, wait for that lucky ticket to preview the “new Orkut”! 

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