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A career in software engineering

    This article is in response to a reddit call for help from u/dahiyabhaiya who wants to put together an online resource that college students can use as a crystal ball to gaze into their future lives in the careers of their choice. Before you read any further, please note that everything here is from… Read More »

CAT, IIMs and the desire to go online

The recent CAT examination fiasco is a classic example of the pitfalls of the burning desire to go make all processes “Online”. The lust for being compliant with this buzzword has led many down a road of disaster, and now the IIMs have ruined their record for successfully holding one of the most desired exams in India.

A google-over for Orkut

Just when we all thought that all of Google’s grey matter was busy wave-ing, they appear to be cooking up another dish. The old (and for some the original) warhorse of social networking,  Orkut, is being pulled up for a major overhaul. So if you were planning on ditching that Orkut account, just hold on… Read More »