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Turning the capital into a “safe-zone”

New Delhi is now going to be a super secure city. And we owe this to the visionaries who, in the name of law and order, are passing order after order that will make life impossible for the common man. First, it was made mandatory to carry an ID card in Delhi. And now, people… Read More »

Karats & Sticks

Mr. Karat is at it again. After giving the UPA government some breathing space on the Indo-US nuclear deal in November, the left has put a stick in UPAs wheels a day after the parliament concluded its winter session. This time around though, the warning was much more direct.

An ode to justice

Justice it seems, has been sent off to exile. At least in the Indian state of Gujarat, where the current chief minister has thumped his chest at a pre-election rally justifying the police encounter of Sohrabuddin and his wife. Sohrabuddin was under suspicion for terrorist activities for a while before he was killed by the… Read More »

Here begins the mis-management

It is funny when a before and after kind of advertisement appears in the newspaper. And most of these are for slimming clinics, or places that promise to make you beautiful. This one before and after I will talk about, is not one of the above. It is from an article in Gurgaon Plus, a… Read More »